How To Listen To Adele's New Album, 25, Without Spotify

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After four years of anticipation and a few haunting singles that we’ve already listened to 50 times, Adele pulled a total Taylor Swift and announced that her new album, 25, would not be available to listen to on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
How are we supposed to hear a ballad like “Hello” and not want more?
Luckily, we’ve figured out all the ways you can listen to Adele’s new album…and yes, even for free.
Fair warning: you should probably delete every single of you exes’ numbers before listening.

How To Listen To Adele’s New Album

1. Download the tracks

To listen to Adele’s new album in full for free, click here. You’re welcome. We accept puppy pics as thank yous.

2. Purchase 25 on iTunes

For $10.99, you can download Adele’s 11-track album on iTunes.

3. Head to Target

The alternative is heading to Target and actually buying the CD. Target is the only way to get the deluxe version of the album which includes three bonus tracks. I know it’s scary and you haven’t purchased a physical CD since middle school, but you can put the CD on your iTunes and I promise it will be just like you’re used to.

Full Track List

1. Hello
2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
3. I Miss You
4. When We Were Young
5. Remedy
6. Water Under The Bridge
7. River Lea
8. Love In The Dark
9. Million Years Ago
10. All I Ask
11. Sweetest Devotion
A deluxe version of Adele’s new album, which will be available exclusively at Target, will also include three bonus tracks: “Can’t Let Go,” “Lay Me Down,” and “Why Do You Love Me.”

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