Doctors Fear This Human Barbie Wannabe’s 30JJ Breasts Might Explode

blondie bennett


E!’s show Botched scares the living crap out of me, but Blondie Bennett has got to be one of the scariest characters on the show. The 39-year-old human barbie already has size 30JJ breasts, but she wants to go bigger.

Bennett has already undergone Botox, cheek implants, chin liposuction and five breast enlargements costing over $38,000.

“Being a real-life doll, I don’t work, but I do have my doll fans who pay for my lifestyle,” she said on the show.

The Californian appeared on Botched for wanting to increase her breast size again, but after hearing she has had a tumor on her chest twice and the skin around her implants has thinned, the surgeons refused to enlarge them again.

Despite this advice, Blondie said, “I just want to look like tits on a stick.”

Doctors warned that increasing her breasts any further might cause them to explode, but it seemed the Blondie is determined to find a doctor who will perform the surgery.

IMO, Blondie would be better off spending the plastic surgery money on some therapy.

Check out pictures of Blondie Bennett below.

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