LISTEN: Adele's Isolated Vocals From 'SNL' Prove She Is Actually A Musical Angel


SNL has had its fair share of lip synchers (we’ll never forget, Ashlee Simpson), but when Adele visited studio 8H this past weekend, she didn’t need some backup vocal track. Hell, she didn’t even need music to sound absolutely amazing.

Audio solely from Adele’s mic proves that the woman is not just a talented singer, but the voice of an actual angel. She’s controlled, passionate, and flawless. She sounds like a combination of Fergie and Jesus, if you will.
While every other performer needs backup dancers or crazy visuals, Adele captivates us by simply standing there and singing. I’d really like to see Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lopez do that.
If you couldn’t tell, I have a major girl crush on Adele.
Listen to the isolated vocals version of Adele performing “Hello” on SNL this weekend and try not to get goosebumps. I dare you.
You know what the worst part of this is? Well, nothing, but Adele’s young son Angelo probably doesn’t even realize when his mama sings him a lullaby at night that he’s listening to a legend.

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