Someone Hacked Gigi Hadid's Photos & Is Now Blackmailing Her

Last night, it was the new haircut Gigi Hadid debuted at the AMAs that none of us could stop talking about. This morning, she is topic of a more serious situation. Gigi might be the latest victim of an iCloud photo hack. Can we all agree that whoever invented the cloud is the worst person?
According to TMZ, hackers stole pictures and videos of the model off her iCloud account and are now blackmailing her. If she doesn’t pay up, they have threatened to leak all of her private information from her iPhone and sell them to media outlets.
This isn’t phasing Gigi whatsoever. She has not paid the hackers and has no intention to. Instead she has turned to law enforcement and hired private investigators to track down these hackers and formally charge them.
Celebrities and honestly everyone else, TURN OFF YOUR CLOUD. Nothing good ever comes from having it on.

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