Katy Perry's H&M Holiday Campaign Stole From Taylor Swift

Katy Perry, adorned in lavish jewels, pastel-colored locks and holographic fairy wings, is your Fairy Godmother for this holiday season. You need a pumpkin carriage? She’s got you covered. Glass slippers? Don’t even sweat.
Today, the singer’s anticipated holiday campaign from H&M arrived and its Katy Perry to a “T.” Along with a new holiday jingle from the superstar singer called “Every Day Is A Holiday,” Katy Perry released a video where she leads a cast of teddy bears, life-sized gingerbread men, polar bears and supermodels.
However, it is the supermodels used in the video that are the problem.¬†The video contains¬†a shirtless Sean O’Pry appears on a bright red car (see the 0:57 mark!).
Yes, the same Sean O’Pry that appeared in Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Space” music video.

sean o'pry katy perry taylor swift


In the middle of the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry beef? So not cool man. In light of the holiday spirit, though? I suppose we can put a pause on the celebrity beef for a few weeks.
Katy Perry, on the video, said that “H&M has been a part of the evolution of my personal style since I was 13, when I would start to incorporate fun, affordable H&M pieces into my vintage wardrobe”
That message is directly conveyed in this holiday video. I can already hear this song playing in every major mall this holiday season. You can watch the video via YouTube below.

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