Yik Yak Nightmare Confirmed: College Officials Do Read Your Posts

Everyone on Yik Yak loves to joke that campus police and various other officials like deans and the president are reading what is posted on the app. Obviously, when serious threats are put on the app we know they are taking a look, but it’s not just then. They’re basically always monitoring it.
While meeting with a group of student protesters at Dartmouth College, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Inge-Lise Ameer admitted that she does in fact monitor what goes on Yik Yak. She said, “We’re on Yik Yak all the time and we’re constantly contacting them: ‘Please take this down. Please do this. Stop doing this.'”
Since launching in 2013, Yik Yak has become huge on college campuses. While the app has been the center of controversy due to cyberbullying, threats, and racism, but it is impossible for schools to actually ban it. Since it is only a smartphone app, that in itself makes it extremely difficult to block. It’s also a First Amendment rights issue –  school officials can’t keep from people voicing their sometimes very negative and offensive comments.
In a recent study, three in four college officials admitted to monitoring any publicly available social media platforms. And yes, campus safety does as well – over 64% said they do. Only 4% wait for students to come to them to report an offensive remark on social media. Most officials are manually monitoring. So when you’re scrolling through Yik Yak, odds are one of your school administrators are too. Due to not having enough time, or really caring about the latest gossip on campus and how students may hate their school, they are only on to handle any threats before they are executed.
This may be redundant, but be careful what you say on Yik Yak.

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