Rugrats Artist Draws What The Kids Would Look Like 'All Growed Up'

If you were a 90’s baby, chances are you grew up watching these babies. It’s been 25 years since the show first aired, (Yes, 25 years. Eeeek.) and nothing was better than sitting in front of the TV, eating SpaghettiOs, and watching good ole 90’s Nickelodeon.
Yet now, like us, the kids have grown up. Although we got a glimpse into their teenage lives in the 2001 film, “All Growed Up,” former storyboard artist and current Studio 360 writer, Eric Molinsky decided to take it one step further and reimagine what they’d look like as adults. Refreshingly, they look like lumpy normals who probably ate one too many bowls of Reptar Crunch. Take a look at them below:

Not surprisingly, Tommy looks just like his dad, Dill is a hipster, and Angelica appears to still be bossing people around. Would you expect anything less?

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