11 Style Lessons We Learned From Blair Waldorf

blair gossip girl fashion style lessions

You know what I miss most about Gossip Girl? The fashion…and the best schemer known to Manhattan, Blair Waldorf, of course! Here are 11 style lessons we GG lovers learned from Queen B over the six steamy seasons. AKA, nostalgia at its best.

1. Embrace all tights

With winter just around the corner, switch out those dreadful skinny jeans for a pair of printed or colored tights and brace the cold in style. And by tights I don’t mean plain, old, black leggings or nude stockings. There is a difference.
Winter shouldn’t give you  reason to not wear all those cute skirts and dresses.

2. Own actual lingerie and pajamas

How many of you ladies can actually say you sleep in pretty *cough cough* sexy pajamas? If you said yes then I applaud you because and over-sized t-shirt and boy shorts usually do the trick for me.
It’s time to feel pretty whether someone is seeing it or not, just like Blair would do!

3. Your winter coat completes your outfit

Your winter coat shouldn’t be something practical that you just throw on with the low temps and forget about once you start to actually feel the heat. Make it the statement piece as though it was intentionally worn to go with the rest of your outfit. Oh, and they don’t always have to be some basic color like black or brown.

4. Headbands never go out of style

Headbands are the equivalent to tiaras for us non-royals and definitely help to dress up your hairstyle.

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Can you actually name a time, beyond the headbands, when Blair was never rocking some kind of expensive jewelry, hand bag, quirky hat or scarf? Yeah me neither. Accessorizing is the best way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

6. A little color goes a long way

Blair’s wardrobe was the best example of being unafraid to mix up seriously bold hues. So forget about the all-black-everything outfit you had in mind and start adding some fun colors. Or, you can pair different hues in the same color palette

7. True prep will always be in style

If we learned anything from Blair Waldorf, it’s that a tie, knee high socks, a skirt and tweed blazer will be fashionable forever. School uniforms don’t have to be, well, uniforms.

8. Adopt a signature look

Hers were the headbands. What’s yours?

9. Always dress for the occasion

Queen B loves a good ensemble. Never pass up a good excuse to coordinate your outfit with the occasion at hand. That makes it all more fun!

10. Coordinate your shoes with your handbag

Blair proves that it’s totally acceptable, and possible, to coordinate your  accessories. You’ll want to use complementing shades and fabrics rather than exact matching.

11. Play up separates

Playing up separate set pieces can offer an unexpected flair of style and spontaneity to any outfit. Give a twist on an average get-up, without getting too crazy.

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