What Guys Think About You Based Off Where We Meet

meeting at bar


The single man is always looking for his next opportunity. Sure, he goes about his day at work, walking through the food store, and going to the gym, but he is always aware of the women around him. The new girl at his regular pizza spot or glasses on his favorite bartender…these are some of the reasons he spends his money where he does! It’s because (and you can ask my mother) people go to where they think they can meet people. But where the guy finds you makes an important impression.

1. Bar/Club

How could we not start here? The majority of college students take every chance we can to spend money we don’t have and get too drunk. You’re down for a good time. Sometimes dancing, kissing, and other stuff is involved. But will all those feelings last when the alcohol wears off? It seems like every guy I know is determined to find this answer.

2. Bookstore/Library

You’re intelligent. Cultured. Pensive? We like your librarian look and are happy you can read. The statistical data is wanting though on the count of most guys are more interested in squats than they are Steinbeck.

3. Class

Guys already know we have something to talk about, so it’s pretty easy to slide into your DMs from there. And maybe if we share this one similar interest, we’ll share others. Like caf food to exchange notes? Or alcohol to forget about studying?

4. Concert

Like the bar girl, you’re definitely a good time. But you’re probably definitely a little more refined. You like your specific beer and specific coffee shop. We like that you’re picky, but we just hope we match your tastes.

5. Friend’s House

Meeting you at a mutual friend’s place is dope because it’s like we’re already the same kind of awkward. You get invited to people’s homes and are comfortable just being chill or making plans on the fly.

6. Gym

Run, baby, run! We like toned and we like your energy. If you’re doing yoga, rock climbing, or ju jitsu, you get extra points as long as you don’t injure us.

7. Outside

At like a park or festival or something. You’re a free spirit. Maybe spacey, frisbee in your Camelbak, flower-power smile kind of vibe. We dig that you march to the beat of your own drums, but make sure you wash your feet off before we go to dinner.

8. Pet Store

I’ve never met an animal lover I didn’t like. You’re kind-hearted, devoted, and compassionate. Even the crazy cat lady is sort of endearing, but I sincerely hope you have some candles and Febreze in your apartment.

9. Sporting Event

We’re assuming you’re not single, but we love seeing you in a jersey heckling opposing fans and teammates, chugging beers like the guys, and getting all worked up. You’re passionate and committed. Although, admittedly, it isn’t that cute if you’re pulling the trigger in the port-a-john.

10. Dating App

If you’re down to meet a guy you found on Tinder, then you definitely have an adventurous spirit. You’re a risk-taker who will always keep us on our toes (usually in a good way).

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