Putting Glitter In Your Armpits Is Now A Thing

Ah, yes: glitter. The herpes of the art world.

In response to the recent social media trend, #glitterbeard, #glitterpits is a feminist campaign that seeks to free the armpit. The movement desires to “achieve equality in the under-arms region [and to] show that your furry pits are beautiful.”

Definitely a great message to send. However, I don’t think smearing glitter into your under-arms is the way to go. Honestly, it looks like you slathered your own sh*t underneath your arm. If that’s the kind of fashion statement you’re going for then, hey! You’re doing a fine job.

You can check out some images of these fabulous ladies flaunting their #glitterpits.

#Glitterpits have apparently been around for a while, but only recently started gaining social media momentum. Perhaps it’s growing in popularity because it’s the holidays and everything must be glittery?

I’m not sure how you could possibly flaunt your #glitterpits in this freezing weather. #Glitterpits seems more like a summer fashion trend, no? I can’t say I’ll be putting glitter in my armpits this winter for feminism, but power to you if you do.

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