Jabari R. Dean: Student Arrested For Shooting Threat At University Of Chicago

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The name of the University of Illinois at Chicago student who was arrested for making a shooting threat aimed at the University of Chicago Hyde Park campus (two different schools) has been released. Jabari R. Dean, 21, of Chicago charged with threat to execute 16 people, one for each bullet that shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 2014.


Jabari Dean lives off-campus at UIC and is an Electrical Engineering major according to what we believe to be his LinkedIn profile.

#BREAKING Jabari R. Dean, 21, of Chicago charged with threat to execute 16 people at University of Chicago

— Jon Seidel (@SeidelContent) November 30, 2015

After receiving information about the threat from the FBI on Sunday night, the University of Chicago made the decision to cancel classes and close campus today, Monday, November 30.

The arrested student threatened to shoot and kill other students, staff, and police on the University of Chicago’s campus at 10 a.m. on Monday and then kill himself, citing the fatal shooting last year of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer. Officer Jason Van Dyke, who shot McDonald 16 times, was charged last week with first-degree murder.

He commented on World Star Hip Hop’s page under a clip of the 1995 movie Panther about a conspiracy theory involving the FBI and CIA supplying drugs to black communities. It read,

“This is my only warning. At 10AM Monday morning, I’m going to the campus quad of the University of Chicago. I will be armed with an M-4 carbine and two desert eagles, all fully loaded. I will execute approximately 16 white male students and or staff, which is the same number of time McDonald was killed.

“I will then die killing any number of white policeman in the process. This is not a joke. I am to do my part and rid the world of white devils. I expect you do the same.”

He posted with the initials “JRD” and a Chicago Bulls logo, according to the police report obtained by the Tribune.

According to updates from Chicago reporters, Dean will likely be held until bond can be sorted out, which will likely be tomorrow. They determined he does not have the resources to carry out the threat.

Jabari Dean appears in court in red hoody, blue jeans. FBI has determined he had no resources to carry out the threat, so he'll get bond

— Jason Meisner (@jmetr22b) November 30, 2015

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