The Guys From Those Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies You Worshipped Are Still Hot AF

riley smith

In every Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, the twins oh-so-conveniently met two hot guys to show them around some exotic location. Somehow this never turned into a weird threesome or mix-up of which twin was with each guy, but I guess things have to stay PG-rated in tween comedies.

Now that Mary-Kate is officially off the market, we thought it was time to revisit her former on-screen flames. And boy, am I glad I took that trip down memory lane.

From When in Rome to Passport to Paris, the guys from the Olsen twins’ movies make it clear why they were cast as love interests. You might even recognize a few of them from more recent shows and movies.

Feast your eyes on the hotties of the MK & A movies, all of whom are just as gorgeous today as they were back then.

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