10 Best Christmas Movies Available To Stream On Netflix Right Now

Best Christmas Movies Streaming On Netflix1
There are plenty of fun ways to get in the holiday spirit. Decorating the tree, baking Christmas cookies, gift shopping…however, I’m exhausted just thinking about those activities.
With the temperature dropping and store parking lots resembling a dangerous (and extremely competitive) game of “Find A Parking Spot,” December is practically begging you to Netflix and chill. But don’t worry – you can still get in the holiday spirit without putting on a bra.
Obviously, Christmas movies are the absolute best lazy way to celebrate Santa Claus’ impending arrival, but instead of risking your life trying to get a DVD from Redbox or waiting for something decent to come on ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas,” Netflix has tons of awesome holidays movies streaming right now.
So take a break from finals studying, “borrow” your ex-boyfriend’s Netflix password, and check out these classic films and newbies alike.

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