11 Most-Liked Celebrity #TBT Photos Of 2015

kendall jenner tbt photo


Who doesn’t love a good throwback photo? Whether you get to laugh at the crazy matching outfits your mom forced you and your siblings to wear or share a little humble brag about winning your fifth grade spelling bee, #TBT posts are almost guaranteed to get a few likes.
Celebrities are not immune to this love of nostalgia. It’s not uncommon for A-listers to share the most embarrassing pics from their childhoods come Thursday, but they get a hell of lot more likes than your pics.
We’ve scoured Instagram for the most-liked celebrity #TBT posts of the past year, and it looks like Kendall Jenner gets the top spot for a photo of her younger self ready for a ball game. That makes the model number one in this Instagram honor as well as the person who holds the photo that has the most likes ever on Insta. That’s a lot of double taps.
Check out the top 11 celebrity throwback posts below. All together now: Awww!

Now, I have to say that although these are the Instagram celebrity #TBTs with the most likes, they’re far from the best. Just check out the one Nick Jonas posted with Miley Cyrus during her more innocent days.

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