Science Says Exercise May Make Drinking More Fun

If you needed any other reason to go out tonight or this weekend, your reason is here.
In a recent study, it was reported that the people who exercise the most also tend to drink the most. This relationship occurs because the good feelings you get from drinking alcohol and exercising are amplified when you engage in both activities.
Researchers discovered two things about people in this study: they either reward themselves with alcohol after the gym or compensate for their heavy drinking the night prior with a workout in the morning. However, this study did not talk about why these exercise habits and drinking are paired together. It does suggest that there could be neurology at work.
J. Leigh Leasure, a behavioral neuroscientist working on the project, stated that the exercise-alcohol combination could spark a neurological high that is stronger and longer-lasting than an exercise-induced endorphin high or the pleasures of a drinking buzz. However, this theory has only been tested on animals so far.
In short? Don’t run to the gym with a water bottle full of wine just yet. Science still needs to work some magic.

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