15 Signs You're Addicted To Your Phone

There’s no doubt that life would be a little more difficult if it wasn’t for our smartphones, but the truth is, we’d also be a lot more bored.
Smartphones have so much to offer, and this is exactly why we feel like they are a necessity to our lives. Whether you use your phone to call, text, listen to music, use GPS, take pictures, check social media, check the weather, or check your email, it’s likely you use it for many different purposes throughout the day.
Sure, we may have everything in the palm of our hands and we have iPhones and Androids to thank for this, but when does the love we possess for our phones turn into an addiction? Most of us may never admit to it (I’m still in denial), but this new phone addiction phenomenon is escalating quickly. Population: everyone.
If you’re on fence on whether or not you’re addicted to your phone, here are 15 signs you have a phone addiction.
1. The first thing you do when you wake up is reach for your phone.
2. The last thing you do before going to bed is check your phone.
3. You sleep with your phone right next to you. If not on your nightstand, it’s probably on your bed right beside you.
4. You start the day by scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
5. There is never enough storage space on your phone because yes, you really need all 3,520 photos.
6. You start to panic when the battery is below 20 percent and wonder how the world could be so cruel when it reaches 10 percent.
7. You take your phone with you to the bathroom, even when you shower.
8. Sometimes you swear your phone went off, but it really didn’t.
9. You turn to your phone during awkward moments. “Oh, Robert and Sally are going at it again? Let’s pretend like I’m doing something productive on my phone.”
10. You check your phone even when you know there are no new notifications.
11. You don’t mind being early to class because that means you can go through your phone.
12. You hope for red lights while driving so you can look at your phone.
13. There’s just a really unexplainably good feeling when it comes to unlocking your phone.
14. Your phone is constantly glued to your hands.
15. You flip out when you can’t find your phone even though you’ve only been looking for it for ten seconds.
The truth of the matter is, we don’t need smartphones. Yes, there are living people out there who’ve yet to hold a smartphone in their hands (I know, how tragic!), but those people probably experience a lot of life better than those of us who have to constantly ask our friends what they just said because we were too busy looking at the new Instagram photo Justin Bieber just uploaded.
Bottom line, smartphones are nice to have, but the addictions we have to them as a nation are visibly detrimental.

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