You Probably Want To Be On The Mailing List For This Family's Fabulously Awkward Christmas Cards

Mike and Laura Bergeron christmas cards

Mike and Laura Bergeron/Buzzfeed

Oh, the Christmas card. An annual attempt to show everyone that you’re part of a happy, smiling, outfit-matching family. That is unless your parents are Laura and Mike Bergeron from California.
Instead of the boring holiday photos, this family gets a bit more creative for their annual tradition.
“We thought the Christmas card tradition was ripe for parodying just because of their inherently awkward nature,” Mike told Buzzfeed. “I have always given Christmas gifts to everyone that I’m close to, so by the time I turned 30 it was getting pretty difficult…to find ways to express to the people that I love that they are important to me through some small gift.”

It started with just Laura and Mike, but when their two children were born, they weren’t excluded from the fun.
Each year around October, the Bergerons start brain storming their idea and try to get the photo taken by Thanksgiving so family and friends can enjoy their picture all season long.
Check out the family’s photos below that no doubt put yours to shame.

Nailed it.

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