25 Products That Prove The 'Star Wars' Hype Is Getting Out Of Hand

star wars apples
We all knew that the new Star Wars movie would result in tons of new kids’ toys and merchandise, but advertising for The Force Awakens is actually unavoidable.
Just when we finally finished up the last of our mac and cheese boxes dominated by Minions, we can’t go down an aisle in the grocery store without seeing Darth Vader staring back at us. From razors and makeup to grapes and mouthwash, Star Wars: Episode VII is literally everywhere, no matter how obscure. (Don’t be surprised if you can’t even go to the bathroom without seeing something Star Wars-themed.)
The movie opens December 18, but until then, chomp down on some R2-D2 approved apples. Check out those and some of the other strange products with Star Wars ads below.

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