5 Semi-Healthy Snacks That Will Get You Through Finals Week

Finals week is upon us, which means you can probably count on getting less sleep than ever. But here’s something you need to remember: You won’t do yourself any favors if you fail to take care of yourself during the testing period.
Not sleeping enough won’t help you perform any better, but it’s sort of an inevitability, at least on some level. Not eating enough healthy food to fuel you through the week, on the other hand? That’s a mistake you can totally avoid. These five food items are easy to grab and eat, tasty, and actually pretty healthy. They’ll help you fuel up while studying without slowing you down too much – so stock up on them now.

1. Peanut butter

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? We all know how yummy this stuff is. It’s also packed with protein and so easy to work with – you can blend some into a smoothie (peanut butter, milk, and banana FTW), slap it on some apple slices or add a layer of it to a piece of toast. When you’re really crunched for time, take down a spoon of it straight from the jar for a quick hunger-blasting snack.

2. Popcorn

Obviously popcorn is always convenient. You can make smarter choices when it comes to popcorn, though: Instead of grabbing a bag of butter-drenched microwave popcorn, pick up a huge bag of Skinny Pop. This stuff is healthy, and you don’t even need to waste time nuking it. The best advice I can give you is to find a large pack composed of individually wrapped single-serving bags of this stuff. It’s so easy to overeat during finals week, but this method makes portion control a cinch.

3. String cheese

string cheese
It’s protein-packed, filling, low-calorie, and an absolute breeze to eat. Also, it’s cheese. We like cheese.

4. Baked cheese curls

Again, we like cheese. Cheese curls/puffs/whatever are so delish and easy to eat. They’re actually quite filling and not without nutritional value. Opt for the baked, organic ones and it’s basically like eating Cheetos sans guilt.

5. Pieces of fruit

Skip things like berries, melons, and mangos in favor of apples, bananas, and the like. Piece-y fruits are portable, require no utensils, and can be eating super quickly. These are great to have on hand during finals week because you can literally eat them while walking to a test or in the library. Make your life easy, ya know?

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