21 Things Girls Really Want For Christmas

What Girls Really Want For Christmas
Since you’ve been a good girl all year long, Santa will probably make a stop at your house this year. No matter how many gifts are under the tree on Christmas morning, we all know there’s just some things money can’t buy.
Maybe your Christmas wish list is full of the latest tech gadgets or pricey clothing, but let’s be real – what you really want someone to wrap up for you is more time, less stress, and a general feeling of happiness. Here’s what girls really want for Christmas, but good luck ordering them from Amazon.
1. More naps
2. A puppy that costs zero money and doesn’t wake up early for walks
3. A year-long tan (without fake baking)
4. An automatic “pass” on all our finals
5. Happy hour with Amy Schumer
6. Zero-calorie ice cream
7. Hermione’s bottomless purse from Harry Potter
8. A permanent IV pumping coffee into our veins
9. To be able to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Vanderpump Rules without fear being judged
10. Heels that allow you to dance like you’re barefoot
11. A personal playlist maker
12. Teleportation powers
13. An answer to why that hot guy never texted you back
14. A (working) crystal ball
15. Three months vacation per year
16. A strip tease from Channing Tatum
17. The ability to find good yet affordable gifts for your mom and dad
18. Creep-free Tinder
19. Gigi Hadid‘s wardrobe
20. A pass to skip the bathroom line at every bar
21. Dry shampoo (sometimes, money can buy happiness)

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