Fashion Photographer Petra Collins Is Showing Off Everything You Usually Hide From Instagram

petra collins

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Instagram is usually the place where we only post our best selfies, filter out our blemishes, and present the ideal version of ourselves. However, Petra Collins isn’t having it.

The 22-year-old fashion photographer has worked with stars like Selena Gomez, Amandla Stenberg, and Dance Moms’ Maddie Zeigler and shot for esteemed magazines including Vogue Italia, Nylon, and Vice, but her Instagram is far from what most would consider “picture perfect.” Instead of Photoshopping imperfections, Collins celebrates her and other women’s acne, arm pit hair, braces, and everything else.

A few weeks ago, she posted a message to those who were hating that reads, “unfollow me now if you can’t deal with pimples, hair, stretchmarks etc literally anything that isn’t airbrushed ✌️ cuz your negativity and ignorance isn’t welcome on this insta and there’s no room for more hate and shaming here – this is not just about me but about all the amazing girls/women/whatever I photograph that deserve to be celebrated and represented.”

Maybe a few people took her advice and hit the unfollow button, most of her fans were thrilled with the candid post, liking it nearly 11,000 times.

“I just woke up pimply as f*** n you just made me feel 10982839292 times better,” wrote one fan.

Check out Petra Collin’s empowering Instagram photos that show all kinds of beauty below.

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