Selena Gomez Pulls A Justin Bieber And Randomly Instagrams Photo Of Total Hottie – But Who Is He?

Justin Bieber is a fan of the females. Just check out his Instagram page and you’ll notice he’s constantly posting photos of ladies he finds attractive, even if he doesn’t know who they are.
Is Selena Gomez stealing her ex’s signature move?

Today Gomez posted a photo of a very attractive man with absolutely no reasoning why. No caption, no text, just a very attractive man sipping orange soda.
Dedicated fans solved the mystery man’s identity about an hour after Selena posted the pic. He’s Christopher Mason, an LA-based model. But what’s the reasoning for her random posting of his gorgeous face?
Rumors say Christopher will star in Selena’s new video for “Hands To Myself,” and the story does seem add up. Yesterday the male model posted a selfie from a “top secret undisclosed location in the Hollywood hills” and Selena posted a bikini pic teasing a new project. Although she didn’t say what it was, People speculated that it might be for a front-page magazine spread. Maybe it’s actually for the music video shoot?
No matter what the reasoning, we should all thank Selena Gomez for blessing us with this hot model’s beauty. Check out photos of Christopher Mason below. Who knows where we’ll be seeing him next…

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