Disney Princesses Were Reimagined As Manatees And I Need To Know Why Immediately

Ariel manatee

Isaiah Stephens/Cosmopolitan

I thought the line for Disney reimagining had been drawn at “Disney Princesses With Animal Allergies,” but I spoke far too soon.
Cosmpolitan.com teamed up with the talented artist Isaiah Stephens once again for illustrations that prove that all the good ideas have already been taken and we should all just give up: Disney princesses as manatees. Yes, like the sea creatures. (I mean, they did dinosaurs so why not manatees?)
It’s comical until you remember that someone actually sat down and spent hours drawing Ariel and Belle as mermaids. Then it’s just sad and kind of creepy. But…they are kind of cute.
I think we’re all ready to let these Disney reimagining photos end. Seriously, make it top.
Regardless, here are Disney princesses as manatees. (There’s one thing I never thought I’d say.)

[Story/images via Cosmopolitan]

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