There's A Girl Making Money By Leaving Flirty Comments On Guys' Facebook Pages

fake facebook girlfriend service


Ask any recent college grad – the job market sucks. So does babysitting those brat kids from down the street while you send your resume out to literally anyone and everyone, praying to get out of your parents’ house before you’re 25. There’s just no easy way to make a buck.
Or is there?
One brilliant blonde named Madison is advertising her services as a fake Facebook girlfriend to desperate guys looking to spice up their timeline. The woman says she’ll leave flirty comments to anyone who will hand over $5. For some more cash, she’ll even be in a Facebook relationship with your sorry bum.
She offers her services as follows:
“Do you need some extra attention on FB? Or, do you want to make your friends or ex jealous? You’ve found the right gig! 🙂
For $5, I will add you as a friend (permanently) and be in a relationship with you (*if you’d like*) for 4 days. Each day, I will write on your wall 1 OR 2 times (unless you want less). I will also like your photos and comment on some of them randomly.
BONUS!!!! I will get one of my girlfriends to leave a comment on the relationship status and say something very believable (if you want).
I am very good at coming up with comments on the spot, and I make it extremely believable. It will not be simple phrases like “I miss you”, etc.- these will be well thought-out messages.
If you have something in mind also, let me know!
P.S. My photos will be visible to your friends. Also, I have a real, active account with almost 950 active friends.”
girl leave flirty messages on facebook
Um…why didn’t we think of this like four years ago when Facebook was still relevant to people who aren’t my mom? Damnit. Literally make money for what you already probably do for free – it’s a dream side gig.
And reviews are stellar.
fake facebook girlfriend reviews
Like I said…brilliant.

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