Kamilla Osman: Must-See Photos Of Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

kamilla osman kim kardashian look alike photos

Kamilla Osman/Instagram

If you’re a celebrity doppelganger, this is your week to shine. Not only did Taylor Swift meet her Aussie look-alike, but Kim Kardashian has some competition.
Just 10 weeks ago, Kamilla Osman joined Instagram, and her uncanny resemblance to the reality queen has not gone unnoticed. She’s already garnered a crazy 65.8k followers and now she’s getting media attention.

Although Osman could easily make a living as a Kim Kardashian impersonator, the Canadian works as a fashion blogger and designer. (Yup, Toronto has their own Kardashian.) Everything from her face to her body to her clothing choices look straight from an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 
Can the world handle two Kim K’s – even two girls that look like her? Check out photos of Kamilla Osman and see the resemblance for yourself below.


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