Miley Cyrus Goes "Topless" With Pamela Anderson At L.A. Concert

Is anyone really surprised by anything Miley Cyrus does these days? I know I certainly am not.
Perhaps in her boldest look yet, Miley Cyrus, in an already skimpy bodysuit, donned a unicorn horn, a rainbow wig, a giant strap-on and prosthetic breasts at her show at the Wiltern in Hollywood, California. You can check out the photo below.
If you could have gone the rest of your life without having to look at that costume monstrosity, take a seat next to me and we can wipe each other’s tears away.
The pop star was not alone while she wore this body-baring costume. Along side other performers who were dressed as rainbows and skeletons, Cyrus was joined by former Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson. Anderson flashed a sign that read “save the whales” and had “no captivity” written across her left leg.

miley cyrus pamela anderson

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.

I mean, I guess standing next to a nearly-nude Cyrus is one way to get a message across.
This isn’t the first time that Cyrus has gone semi-nude on her latest tour, nor is it the first time that the pop-singer has bared prosthetic breasts. She was seen wearing a similar outfit during a performance in Chicago.
Please pay extra attention to the word “similar.” That means that Cyrus has variations of this costume because just one ridiculous incarnation of her body-baring idea was not enough.
It seems that the pop music scene has turned into a “how much weird sh*t can we put on stage at once?” game. Miley Cyrus is winning.

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