Mariah Carey Look Alike Charges $70,000 Per Gig To Sing “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

mariah carey look alike Laura Pasqualoni photos

Christmas is a very wonderful time of the year for Laura Pasqualoni. The Mariah Carey impersonator told Daily Mail that she can charge up to $70,000 for a single appearance.

“‘I am always busy but over the holidays, I am extra busy!” she said. “People always want to see me perform Mariah’s number one song ‘All I want For Christmas Is You.'”

Of course.

The singer from Connecticut has made a living impersonating Mariah for 20 years. Before that, she was working at a car dealership at the front desk. She was first spotted by producers for The Ricki Lake Show.

“One day, I was working in a car dealership and the next, I was off to New York City and sent out on the streets with a camera crew to see if people thought I was Mariah Carey herself,” Pasqualoni said.

Outside of gigs, people often mistake Laura for Mariah on the street. Before Drake was a huge star, a member of the rapper’s team begged her to listen to Drake’s music.

“I was handed a CD from one of the promoters of a then unknown Drake on the street,” she said. “He thought I was Mariah Carey and he begged me to listen to Drake’s CD! I did send the CD to the actual Mariah though, I just don’t know if she ever got it!”

Check out photos of the doppelganger who is still loving her job after two decades below.

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