People Are Posting The Hilarious Beds They're Sleeping In While Home For The Holidays

do it in my twin bed


Maybe you’ve decked your dorm room out with Christmas lights and a Bob Marley poster, but there’s a good chance that your childhood bedroom has remained reletively untouched. It’s almost like a shrine to your 12-year-old self, complete with participation trophies from sports you quit a decade ago, embarrassing bed sheets, and posters of the Jonas Brothers.
It’s kind of weird and awkward, but it’s a tradition of sorts.
Know what I’m talking about, Lil Baby Aidy?
London writer Rhodri Marsden¬†knows people are going to be forced to sleep in unfitting beds while they’re home for the holidays and saw an opportunity for a good laugh. Every year, he encourages people to send photos of the beds they’ll sleep in over Christmas vacation, and it’s absolutely hilarious.
So to every 20-something who still sleeps with Minnie Mouse sheets and a Cinderella comforter, this is for you.

Once someone over 30 proves they have to sleep in one of those race car beds, they win.

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