12 Boards All Pinterest Addicts Have



Pinterest–the greatest thing to ever happen to social media. Planning your entire life (ten years too early) has never been easier. Everything is a simple click away.

1. Dream Wardrobe

Because we can only dream of a wardrobe like the Victoria’s Secret models. AMIRITE!? Where else would we get inspo? This is the mother of of all boards. We fill it with gorgeous clothes we probably can’t afford.

Some extreme pinners (like me) have different boards depending on the fashion category – swim, delicates, shoes, accessories, the list just goes on and on.

2. Hair

Not that we would ever actually die our hair all those crazy colors (at least I don’t think), but it’s totally okay to wonder what it would be like to be able to pull off some of those hairstyles. I can’t even tell you how many times I have contemplated dying my hair like this:


So cool, right?

3. Makeup

Girls can’t get enough! We. Cannot. Get. Enough. This boards makes us look like when know what we’re doing when it comes to makeup when in reality, we can’t even tell the difference between shades of lipstick.

4. Future Wedding

It’s fair to say that almost every girl has a wedding board of some sort. If you’re single, this is 100% acceptable. And if you’re taken don’t feel the need to make it private. If your honey can’t handle it, then he’s not man enough for you!

This board is jam-packed with dresses, expensive rings, bouquets, party favors, and even your dream bachelorette party. *Wink*

5. DIY

You have 563+ pins of projects and crafts that you just NEED to do, although you’ll most likely never get to that point. Everything looks so hard to do yet so freaking mesmerizing!

6. Food

The most essential board with a ton of extravagant recipes that you’ll never actually make because either you don’t have the time or don’t know how to cook (aka all of us). You’re in college, but think you’re Rachael Ray. Every time you’re starving with no food in the apartment you go and pin fancy recipes of what my life could have been like.

7. Fitness

Do we really workout? Probably not. We just want to make it look like we do, but really we’re here for the printed yoga pants.

8. Animals

So much cuteness!

9. Eye Candy

So much sexiness!

10. Bucket List

This one can go hand-in-hand with a travel board because the majority of girls want to travel the entire world before they die. Macaroons in Paris, spaghetti in Rome, the best chocolate known to man in Switzerland. What gets better than that?


We just can’t get enough of those quirky, cursive fonts and short, witty statements with cute designs (and totally Instagram worthy) that make up this board. They’re just so positive. And happy. And productive. They really just get us.

12. Future Home

You don’t have a home, but what’s wrong with planning ahead? From rugs and wall decor to the perfect laundry room and kitchen, your house is picture ready.


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