WATCH: This Dad's Reaction To His Daughter's Pregnancy Christmas Prank Is Priceless

What’s worse than Santa giving you coal for Christmas? Being tricked into thinking your daughter in high school is pregnant is probably up there.
Brooke, a high school senior from Princeton, Texas thought it would be funny to give her dad blue baby socks for Christmas in order to trick him into thinking she’s pregnant. She filmed his reaction and posted it to her Twitter account.

Immediately the video started gaining attention and her dad’s hilarious reaction and facial expressions became a laughing stock to the Twitter-verse.

Once she noticed the video was trending, Brooke decided to post the second part to her dad’s reaction.

In fact, Brooke’s father has even found fame outside of Twitter as well.

This video and reaction perfectly places Brooke’s dad as the perfect meme to wrap up 2015 with. Let’s hope Brooke’s dad’s Christmas wasn’t too ruined by the prank.

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