People Are Sharing Their Worst Christmas Presents, And Yeah, It's Pretty Bad

worst christmas gifts


“It’s the thought that counts.” You’ve probably heard that come out of your mother’s mouth since you were a kid forcing a smile as Grandma hands over another itchy sweater. At least Granny truly believed you would like that gift; that’s totally cute. But there are some Christmas gifts where the thought definitely does not count…because there was clearly no logical thought.
Twitter proved this when The Lad Bible asked followers to show off their most WTF presents. Using the hashtag #MyWorstChristmasPresent, disappointed and confused gift receivers showed off the worst things under their tree. Maybe mom and dad don’t know you as well as you thought they did, and everyone can go without those gag gifts next year.
From a dead mouse mousepad to batteries sans gifts to a difficult to unwrap potato, these cringe-worthy presents make your sock and underwear look like a Christmas miracle.

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