11 Colleges With Insane Perks That Will Make You Want To Transfer

11 Colleges With Insane Perks That Will Make You Want To Transfer

I honestly thought my college was the best school in the world. Sure, I had to explain to my aunts and uncles that The College of New Jersey (aka TCNJ, where the “T” stands for “the”) was actually not a community college and pretty hard to get into, but besides that I had the best time. We paid $10 for fun concerts, got free food at practically every event or club interest session, cheap trips to NYC or another awesome place, and sometimes they even brought dogs to campus during finals week.

I know, I know – your college is the best too. You have underground tunnels for when it’s cold or some sh*t, but guess what. Unless you go to one of these colleges, you’re getting the short end of the stick.

While you’re fighting for a squeaky elliptical at your university’s gym, the kids at Mizzou are enjoying an indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub.

As you take a third lap around the dining hall looking for something that’s actually edible, students at High Point University have the option to enjoy a steak dinner each and every week.

And during the moment you contemplate throwing your laptop out the window for shutting down on you before you could click save on your final paper, Wake Forest University provides students with new computers their freshman and junior year.

Once you see the amazing perks on these colleges across America, you might want to get those transfer papers ready.

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