20 Things You Can Expect During Girls' Night In

girls night in


We probably don’t have to tell you that sometimes staying in is way more fun than going out. Girls night in is always awesome, whether you’re a bunch of 11 year olds prank calling boys or a group of jaded college girls scrolling through Instagram.
But there are a few things that happen at pretty much every GNI ever. Like what, you ask? Well, let’s talk about it.

1. Someone always spends half the night texting her boyf.

Like, can you get your head in the game here? Thanks.

2. An impromptu game of kill/kiss/marry always breaks out.

Except it’s not actually called kill/kiss/marry, I was just trying to keep it PG-13.

3. Pizza. Lots of pizza.

Because why would you stay in without pizza?

4. Also chocolate.

Again, there is absolutely no reason to stay in if you’re not going to pig out.

5. And wine.

Because girls love wine. This is a fact.

6. Someone will argue why she’s on team Jake and not Team Fitz.

And no one else will be having it at all.

7. The requisite group picture.

Because why would you go out and buy a new set of cute PJs and NOT photograph them?

8. The requisite selfie session.

During which everyone will pull out phones and start snapping selfies. Duh.

9. The awkward argument.

One will always break out between two of the girls. Always. It’s usually over in 30 seconds, though.

10. The very graphic rundown of someone’s recent hookup.

And she’ll get REAL with those details.

11. The dramatic conversation where every girl complains about her appearance.

“Ugh, I have so much cellulite.”

12. The “no way I totally eat way more than you do and don’t work out nearly as much” competition.

Because every girl wants her friends to think she’s just #blessed.

13. The Really Important Conversation.

And most statements made will begin with the phrase “I feel like…”

14. The tentative crush admission.

During which one girl finally admits she totally has it bad for someone.

15. The “I really just love being single” talk.

The one girl who has a boyfriend (see point No.1) just sits there looking smug through this one.

16. The “but maybe we should go out?” moment.

Where everyone considers moving the GNI to da club but then promptly decides against it.

17. A Mean Girls quoting session.

Because it never gets old. Well, it sort of does but whatever.

18. A conversation during which everyone thinks she’s the world’s expert on relationships.

“I mean, one thing I’ve learned about relationships is….”

19. A moment of shame for all the junk food that’s been consumed.


20. Someone looks at the clock and realizes it’s 4 a.m.

And you’ve spend the whole night talking. #Oops.

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