9 Things You Shouldn’t Do When He’s Clearly Not That Into You

So you’ve met a guy you really like. He’s smart, he’s handsome, he’s well dressed. You’re excited about seeing him because, who knows, he could just be ~the one~. You think things are going well but are just unsure if he feels the same way. He’s not very responsive, he doesn’t really try to get to know you, and he’s not very good at making and keeping plans. He’s just so distant and you can’t pinpoint why.

Time to face the music – he’s just clearly not that into you.

It happens. And while it sounds harsh, some duos just aren’t meant to be couples. If you’re the kind of person who can’t just drop that guy cold turkey, check out some of these “what not to do’s” in order to move onto the next one.

1. Do not stalk him down

Don’t go through his entire Instagram cache and hunt him down on Facebook. Stalking the crap out of him is not going to make him like you. Trust me, it’s creepy. It’s weird. It’s not cute.

2. Do not blow up his phone

Right about now you probably think he’s playing hard to get. Or if not, it’s just making you crazy that he won’t text you. If he hasn’t bothered trying, he probably doesn’t want to. Save your energy for somebody who will text you back within seconds, not some loser who won’t reply.

3. Do not make assumptions

He’s probably just busy. He’s probably in class. He probably just forgot to reply. No. Probably not. Making assumptions will just lead to serious mental instability. If he hasn’t gotten back to you for days, making up excuses for him isn’t going to change that he probably won’t get back to you at all.

4. Do not pressure him into something he’s not ready for

If it’s been the first few times you’ve met each other, don’t force him to have “the talk” just yet. The reason why he’s slow at getting to know you could be because he’s afraid of commitment, so having a conversation about where your relationship stands too soon could easily push him away.

5. Do not think a booty call is more than just a booty call

If he’s not talking to you before 11 p.m., don’t think he is your knight in shining armor. A booty call is a booty call, and most people can decipher those late night texts as such. If he’s booty calling you, realize that you can do better than someone who can’t commit to hanging out with you other than when he’s not drunk and horny late at night.

6. Do not settle

If he’s on his phone or talking to his friends instead of trying to get to know you, forget him. Find somebody who is genuinely interested in you.

7. Do not forget the old school stuff

Every girl deserves to be with a gentleman. Make note of whether he’s trying to impress you or not. If he’s not trying to show off, by say offering to pick up the bill or tell you he’s having a nice time, perhaps he’s not the kind of guy you’d want to bring home to mom and dad anyways.

8. Do not think he’s playing hard to get

Listen, in today’s world, guys do not need to play hard to get. If a dude wants someone, he goes for her. If you have a feeling that he’s playing hard to get, think again. It could just be that he’s not the right guy for you.

9. Do not forget to note his priorities

The truth is not every guy will prioritize you, and that is okay. Everybody has things to worry about in his/her life, and sometimes a romantic interest can’t always be one of them. However, if he’s prioritizing getting booze or playing Fifa with “his boys”, don’t allow yourself to be his last resort plan.

Just remember – there is someone for everyone, and if he can’t accept you for you, there will be somebody out there who does.

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