10 Types Of Guys You Will Meet At A College Sports Game

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If there’s one thing most guys are associated with, it’s sports. Every guy has his favorite sport: football, basketball, baseball, hockey (the most popular sport at my college), soccer. Heck, I’ve even heard of someone who was a fan of golf. But you can’t really watch golf from the sidelines. I’m talking about the sports where you can scream and cheer your team on.

Before I came to college, I never was really into sports. Once I went to one of my college’s ice hockey games last year, I was immediately hooked. Now, I’ve been to most of the games.

Yeah, there are maybe a few guys in the world that aren’t crazy about sports. But generally, guys and sports go hand and hand. Although, not every guy you’ll meet in college is going to be this super star athlete from the team, you gotta think about the people in the crowd too. The fans are what make the team just as great and each person in the crowd is different, especially the guys.

Here are the 10 types of guys you will meet at a sports game.

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