This Is What Beauty Looks Like Around The World

atlas of beauty

Mihaela Noroc/Instagram

If you’re like many girls in the USA, you probably played with Barbie dolls growing up. We all loved Barbie’s long blonde hair and endless closet, but many women who don’t have Barbie’s measurements felt sub-par.

Barbie needs a makeover. Maybe Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc could help.

Norac uses her Instagram not to show off herself, but to document her globetrotting attempt “to photograph the diversity of natural feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures.” She calls her project “Atlas of Beauty.”

Her stunning photos of women from all over the world show that there is not one definition of beauty. Ladies of different ages, skin tones, and backgrounds all prove to be equally gorgeous.

Barbie, do your thing. We’ll do ours.

See the stunning photos from Noroc’s Instagram below.

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