WATCH: This Woman Confronted A Starbucks Barista Who Stole Her Credit Card Info Through The Drive Thru

YouTube/Brian Espinoza

Every basic bitch knows a trip to Starbucks can make even your worst day a little better, but for one California woman, her (presumably) hungover coffee run on New Year’s Day turned into a case of identity theft.

Turns out, the barista who dealt with Elizabeth Becerra from Victoriaville, California on January 1 through the drive-thru window went to “get receipt paper,” but was really taking down Becerra’s credit card. She then spent $200 at a local grocery store using the stolen information.

Instead of leaving the 19-year-old cashier to the cops, Becerra and her brother took a ride to Starbucks to let her know she had been caught.

“They recorded your a** and everything,” Becerra told the barista. “You took a copy of my f**king card the other day on New Year’s Day. You know what you did.”

Cue LC:

you know what you did

The entire train wreck (it’s impossible to look away) was caught on tape. Watch below.


Let this be a lesson to everyone – if a cashier at Starbucks, a gas station, or anywhere is being sketchy with your credit card, get a manager right away and keep an eye on your bank account. But if you do catch someone in the act, you can always embarrass them online.

We have a feeling this girl won’t ever risk a stunt like this ever again.

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