10 Mid-1980s Movies That Will Inspire You To Amp Up Your Wardrobe

sloane peterson

One of the best reasons to watch old flicks is simply to see the way things were. If you’re like me, you particularly love to look back on how fashion has evolved and come back around. From the birthday attire in Sixteen Candles to Sloane Peterson’s outstanding jacket in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, there’s so much that’s inspired trends in 2016.

Over three decades later, here are some of the best ’80s movies for fashion inspiration, so you can adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

What’s your favorite fashion inspiration from the ’80s?

Story by Kelly Rae Smith

Kelly Rae Smith writes about thrifting and vintage fashion for eBay, where you can find all the retro styles to create your own pop culture inspired looks like these from the past decades.  

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