Why Are People Calling This $18 Scarf From H&M Offensive?

h&m offensive scarf jewish tallit prayer shawl


Another day, another item of clothing people are offended over.

The scarf pictured above is being sold for $17.99 at H&M. You might think it’s a simple ladies’ scarf that could keep you warm during these chilly winter months, or you might think H&M are monsters.

Why? Some people claim the scarf is a rip off from a tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl traditionally worn in synagogue or temple during prayer.

Decide for yourself. On the left is a prayer shawl from Judaica.com, on the right is the H&M scarf.

h&m offensive scarf jewish tallit prayer shawl

These people certainly thought H&M found their inspiration from the holy item.


What do you think – are people overreacting to a simple black and white scarf or was this a rip off of the sacred tallit, intentional or not? Sound off in the comments below.

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