Soon You’ll Be Able To Buy A Machine That Turns Your Selfies Into Latte Art

You can file this wonderful contraption under things you didn’t realize you needed until you encountered it.

The Ripple Maker, which is scheduled to be released this February, allows you have whatever image you want made into latte art without any effort on your part. By syncing up the Ripple Maker to the Coffee Ripples app on your iPhone or Android, the machine imprints your high-resolution photos onto the “Ripple,” the foam of your beverage, of your beloved latte drink. Your morning coffee session will never be the same.

Unfortunately, the machine starts at a cool $999 and has a monthly service plan of $85. In short, you best hope your favorite local coffee shop invests in this wonderful invention so you can drink a latte with one of your selfies on it every day without burning a hole through your wallet.

Honestly, though? Being able to drink a hot coffee with your dogs face on it is truly priceless.

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