WATCH: Beyonce & Channing Tatum Performing “Run The World (Girls)” Is As Fierce As You Imagine


What’s better than Channing Tatum performing Beyonce‘s mega-hit “Run the World (Girls)”?

Channing Tatum AND Beyonce performing Beyonce’s mega-hit “Run the World (Girls).”

Last night’s episode of Lip Sync Battle was a battle of the Tatums: Channing squared off against his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and things got heated.

In round one, Jenna was joined on stage by none other than Paula Abdul for a rendition of “Cold-Hearted Snake” while Channing went full-Elsa for a snowy performance of “Let It Go.”

It seemed like Jenna had the win in the bag after poking fun at her hubby’s Magic Mike stripper moves, but Channing pulled out the most ridiculous twist in television history. (Dramatic? Maybe.)

Watching Jenna break it down Magic Mike style is most definitely worth your time, but Beyonce (and her wind machine) joining Channing on stage is almost too much to handle. Watch them both below.


Could you imagine being in that audience? I wouldn’t be able to speak for weeks. (But maybe lay off the makeup, Channing?)

And this was just the season 2 premiere of LSB. Clear your Thursday nights, people.

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