The Only Golden Globes Drinking Game Needed To Welcome In Awards Season 2016

Golden Globes Drinking Game

Awards season 2016 is officially here with the Golden Globes airing this Sunday night. The Academy Awards‘ younger, drunker cousin may not be as prestigious, but it definitely sets the stage for the rest of the award shows of the year – usually with a viral meme to go along with it. (Lookin’ at you, Chrissy Teigen cry face.)

Since the celebs in attendance at the 73rd Annual Golden Globes ceremony will be downing Moët & Chandon champagne by the bottle, you owe it to yourself to get drunk along with them. Maybe you can’t afford the good stuff, but luckily Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s will work perfectly for our Golden Globes 2016 drinking game. Forget it’s a Sunday night and grab the wine, because if you play this right, you’re going to be feeling it.

Bottoms up!

golden globes drinking game

Take a sip when:

– Someone cries during their acceptance speech.

– The camera pans to someone clearly not paying attention.

– Someone says, “I didn’t prepare anything!”

– A winner thanks God or parents in acceptance speech.

– You’ve actually seen the movie/TV show that won.

Take two swigs when:

– The camera catches celebs taking a selfie.

– A reality star/model who definitely has not been in a nominated movie or show is in attendance.

– You wish Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were hosting again.

– An actor over the age of 40 who is hotter than literally any guy at your college appears on screen. (Another drink if you need to look up an actor’s age to put this rule into effect.)

– Someone admits they’ve been drinking a bit.

Finish your drink if:

Jennifer Lawrence falls…again.

– Leo DiCaprio wins the Golden Globe (because it will never transform into an Oscar).

– Wardrobe malfunction occurs.

– Ricky Gervais says something not PC.

– Someone references Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe flub.


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