‘As Told By Ginger’ Is Coming Back To Nickelodeon In 2017

It seems like Nickelodeon is realizing that their programming peaked during the 90’s/early 00’s because they’re bringing back yet another show. Just over a month after announcing the Hey Arnold TV movie, the latest cartoon to be revived is ‘As Told By Ginger,’ a series which followed the middle school struggles of Ginger Foutley and aired during 2000-2003.

According to Movie Pilot, the network reportedly wants to pick up Ginger’s story where it left off: with Ginger and friends entering high school. Seal girls, rejoice! 

Although the reboot will not be released until 2017, I’m thinking it’ll be worth the wait. The Emmy-nominated series was known for its bold storylines of death, depression, breakups, and consequences of actions. Plus, with creator Emily Kapnek on board, she will stay true to the original series while also appealing to newer audiences.

I can’t wait to see how much Ginger digs the 21st Century. She definitely has an iPhone and tons of Instagram followers.


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