WATCH: This Girl’s Reaction To Finding Out Her HS Crush Has A New Girlfriend Is Too True

Admit it. You’ve probably social media stalked your old high school crush and/or his new girlfriend at one point or another. But, these two girls took it to a whole new level.

Writer and illustrator Hallie Bateman recorded the reaction of her roommate, writer Marian Bull, as she Facebook stalks her high school crush’s new girlfriend.  “The boy I was in love with in high school has a girlfriend and I just found out on Facebook and she’s so pretty!” Marian squeals. “We don’t look anything alike… It’s like her skin is made of silk that has little sun rays woven into it. I’m sure she’s a really nice person.”

Marian told her crush’s girlfriend, who apparently makes “mediocre water color paintings,” is an actress from New York City. Her high school crush was “a musician and he’s really tall.” “I wonder if he wrote a song about her,” Marian says, as she’s trying to keep herself from crying.

Don’t fret, ladies. If this makes you feel sad at all, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.


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