This Church Is Shaped Like A High Heel To Attract Female Worshippers

It seems like religious organizations will do anything to increase their numbers these days. And by “anything,” I mean “engage in sexist rhetoric.”

Yesterday, a brand new church was constructed in the shape of a high-heeled shoe by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area. Drawing obvious inspiration from Cinderella, the church was designed with the sole purpose of attracting more female worshippers. The church was built out of 322 blue glass pieces and was completed in two months (which totally isn’t alarming from an engineering and construction standpoint).

The Cinderella-esque church can be found in Ocean View Park in Budai Town. Standing at 55 feet tall and spreading 36 feet wide, the church currently dwarfs surrounding buildings in the township. According to Curbed, it is expected to open its doors on February 8 although it is still unclear as to what the church’s denomination is.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Zheng Rongfeng, the spokesperson for the Southwest National Scenic Area, said that the church’s female-oriented design doesn’t stop at church’s shape. Inside there will be one-hundred “female-oriented features” such as maple leaves, chairs for “lovers,” biscuits and cakes.

It’s pretty deplorable that religious figures think that chairs for “lovers” and “biscuits and cakes” are going to draw women to its services. Sure, the church itself is certainly unique, but could we stop the misogyny for – I don’t know – five seconds? It’s pretty clear that these “female-oriented features” are not geared to strengthen a woman’s relationship with her God or her religion, but rather bolster the church’s numbers for the sake of numbers.

I’m sure the church will be very surprised to discover that more than just women might attend their services. It’s 2016 – women aren’t the only ones wearing high heels these days.

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