10 Charts That Are Painfully Accurate Depictions Of Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House

doing your own laundry

Elite Daily

If you thought moving out of your parents’ house meant endless parties and freedom, you probably got bitch slapped by reality pretty quick.

Yeah, it’s pretty great to have friends over for wine night whenever you feel like and come home at 4 a.m. without an evil side eye from mama the next morning afternoon when you finally get out of bed. But there’s some pretty tough trade offs. Suddenly with mom and dad gone, your laundry doesn’t fold itself, bills pile up, and your diet is mainly comprised of take out Chinese and grilled cheese¬†sandwiches.

Adulting isn’t easy, people.

Before you know it, you’re phoning home for step-by-step instructions on running the dishwasher and wishing for some home cooking.

For some painful truths about moving out of your parents’ place, take a peek at these charts by Elite Daily. From where you spend your money each month to your brand new adulthood diet, these charts make living at home with your mom and dad as roomies seem pretty damn nice.

[H/T via Elite Daily]

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