10 ‘Gossip Girl’ Cameos That Make Little To No Sense Looking Back At It

gossip girl blair serena

Hello, Upper East Siders. It’s probably been a while since you thought about Serena van der Wooden, Blair Waldorf, and the rest of those NYC troublemakers, but beware: as soon as you come across Gossip Girl on Netflix, you’re hooked all over again.

While most of the stars of the CW show have kept relatively quiet since the show wrapped in 2012 – Blake Lively and Blair Waldorf have both married and started families while Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick continue to act but will forever be known as Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass to us – some of the guest stars made more waves.

Rewatching the series, it’s crazy how many random celeb cameos there were. Look back, it seems like everyone from Lady Gaga to Karlie Kloss became part of the Gossip Girl world at some point. Since then, Gaga has been winning Emmys and stuff. Karlie Kloss is one of today’s most successful models and part of Taylor Swift‘s infamous girl squad. And Blair and Serena are boring housewives! (Just kidding, we’d take Adam Brody or Ryan Reynolds any day.)

Gossip Girl will always be worth rewatching, but if you need another reason, you have to spot these guest stars take on New York City.

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