10 Life Lessons We Learned From Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl made its debut on the The CW eight years ago on September 19, 2007. In honor of everyone’s favorite wildly addictive, totally implausible show about a bunch of teens who are so rich and gorgeous it actually hurts, let’s take a minute to shed some light on GG‘s HBIC.
Anyone who read Cecily Von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl book series (which inspired the TV show) will tell you: Serena van der Woodsen was meant to be the show’s nice, likable girl. Yes, she was infuriatingly beautiful and led a the most charmed life ever, but she was also friendly and unpretentious and as down-to-Earth as someone in her $4,000 shoes could be.
But once the show made its way onto television, one thing was clear: Blair Waldorf was totally the character worth rooting for time and time again. Maybe it was Leighton Meester’s perfectly pitched performance that clinched the deal; maybe it’s the fact that Serena was just far less interesting as a character. Whatever the case may be, we here at CC are all about that Waldorf. Here’s ten things we learned from the baddest bitch on the Upper East Side.

1. Everyone shines in a different way.

One of Blair’s ongoing struggles was the inferiority complex she felt when pitted against her bestie Serena – and haven’t we all been there? The early seasons were really focused on this dynamic but as the show went on, we started to see Blair carve out her own niche. Serena might have been the effortlessly charming one – but Blair was the intellectual, substantial friend. Once she owned that, everything seemed to snap into focus for Blair.

2. You can’t decide who you love.

Try as she did, Blair couldn’t escape the fact that Chuck Bass was her OTL. Sure, Nate was better for her on paper. Yeah, Dan was the guy who made her feel safe and special. And okay, marrying a legit prince would have made just about every dream she had ever had come true. But Chuck, as flawed as he was, was simply the guy she loved, for better or worse.

3. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness.

Blair was mean, snobby, and conniving, but she also showed great vulnerability. That’s when we fell in love with the character. No one would ever accuse Blair Waldorf of being weak. In fact, her vulnerable moments just made her more endearing and relatable.

4. Every girl should have a signature style.

When you think headband, you think Blair Waldorf. That’s not to say that you should wear the same accessory every day, but knowing what you like and having a trademark is pretty awesome.

5. There is such a thing as being too determined.

Blair wanted things with an intensity that verged on obsession. Who could forget when she sabotaged her chances of getting into Yale by simply wanting it too badly? She showed us that sometimes you just need to avoid pushing too hard.

6. No game is worth your heart.

Blair’s obsession with game-playing burned her more than once – and it showed us that no matter how much you love the thrill of victory, it’s never worth risking true feelings when playing.

7. Real friendships are never perfect.

Blair and Serena were best friends in the truest sense of the word – they got each other through everything, they were like family to each other, they could bounce back from any fight – but they also had big, serious issues. They taught us that true friendships are messy and that if you love your friend, nothing can ever break that bond.

8. You have to hold your head high after a scandal.

In the show’s first season, Blair finds herself at the center of a scandal involving two guys and a pregnancy test. It doesn’t look good for B, but she bounces back beautifully: She continued to play the part of the queen B perfectly until everyone forgot about the issue.

9. You can be powerful and still have feelings.

Towards the end of the show, Blair discovered her ultimate goal of becoming a powerful woman. For a while she thought that in order to achieve this, she’d have to close off her heart – but then she realized that you can totally be in love and still remain in charge if you play your cards right.

10. It’s good to have standards.

Blair’s high-end tastes often bordered on snobby. But who cares? It’s better to have high standards than no standards at all.

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