10 Islands You Could Buy When You Win The Powerball



Powerball fever has taken control of the country, and for good reason. The record-breaking lottery draw is now estimated to reach $1.3 billion by tonight’s drawing, possibly higher. But as we know, you’re not going to be a billionaire any time soon just by buying a ticket, even if you are the sole winner.

If you take the lump sum payout, you’ll end up with over $530,000,000 after taxes and all that BS, which still leaves you plenty of money to mess around with and probably never work another day in your life.

Sure, you’ll probably blow some cash on a shopping spree and throw a rager like no one from your town has ever seen before. That’s expected and definitely should be done.

You’ll also probably want to invest in some real estate…how about a private island? As a multi-multi-millionaire, there are plenty of options in your price range (with plenty left over for jet skis, a mansion, and tons of sunscreen). Hell, you can probably buy an island for you and another for your vacation getaways with that kind of lotto jackpot.

When, not if, you win the Powerball tonight, here’s a look at 10 islands that are just waiting for a new owner.

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