New York City Bar Epically Responds To Yelp User’s 1-Star Review

the iron horse nyc

The Iron Horse NYC/Facebook

Looks like Megan B. won’t be returning to The Iron Horse NYC any time soon (unless she wants more stars on her review).

The woman whose location on Yelp reads Calgary, Canada was visiting New York City when she stopped into The Iron Horse in the Financial District. Apparently the scene was not was she was looking for, and she took to Yelp to review the establishment with a mediocre 1-star review.

“Wouldn’t recommend this to eat or for a quiet drink. I met some friends here at 3pm in the afternoon and the music was so loud we couldn’t hear each other. The service was terrible just to get a drink at the bar. The food was also terrible.”

megan b the iron horse nyc yelp review response

Instead of a typical, boring “We’re so sorry you felt that way” response from the business owner, Zbigniew S. let Megan know that he wasn’t going to apologize for running a fun bar.

“We have four stars on Yelp, but it’s not because our food will knock your socks off. The four stars are there because most of our customers come in looking for a fun time and to get away from the mundane of the every day, while enjoying a simple, decent meal at a low price,” he wrote.

He wrapped up by giving Megan a review of his own: “I give you 1 star as you are terrible at finding bars and restaurants that suit your tastes.”

Seriously, Megan. You couldn’t find a bar in NYC that was more in your scene? Just walk next door…

A screenshot of the exchange was posted on Reddit, where it has received over 800 comments. It was also posted on Imgur, where it has been viewed more than 1.4 million times and received more than 120 comments.

From the looks of these photos, The Iron Horse looks like our kind of joint – not to mention $2 beers and sign that says “Get your ass on the bar.” We’re in!

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